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Up-Dated 06/11/2010



By using RAC Chat, you agree to the following terms of use. Users who violate our standards while in the chatroom may be denied access to this site, without due recourse. There is no obligation to provide access to any individual or group. Violators of the terms of use policy are subject to being kicked or banned from the room.

NO LURKING. This means do not allow your name to be in the room if you are not actively chatting, anyone who is idle in the chatroom for more than 10 minutes and does not respond to a moderator asking if they are still there will be removed from the room. You may certainly rejoin after you idle.

The moderators are in charge of making sure that the chat community is kept under control. They have the ability to screen and kick chatters who are not participating in an acceptable manner out of the chat room.

Moderators can be identified by the following: Shield Symbol on the right side of the name. mIRC users will see the @ symbol in front of a moderators name.

Be polite to others and show respect to all. Any behavior that implies or shows outright discrimination based on race, religion, gender, language, nationality, sexual orientation, or "other divisive criteria" etc. will result in a warning, and possibly being kicked or banned from the room. Children under the age of 14 may not participate in this community. Slanderous, defamatory, false, obscene, indecent, lewd, pornographic, violent, abusive, insulting, threatening and harassing comments are strictly forbidden. Any form of direct or indirect threats, harassment, or personal attacks IS NOT TOLERATED.

RAC has members and visitors from all over the world. We want them to feel comfortable AND welcome. This is NOT a room based on religion/faith; Sports; politics; etc. You can discuss these topics, but do not engage in excessive conversation about them. Treat fellow chat room users as you would like to be treated. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same beliefs and views that you do. All opinions and views are respected. Keep an open mind to the views and opinions of others.

Flaming or trolling, in which someone says something mean or outrageous for the sole purpose of making others angry, is prohibited. YOU WILL BE KICKED OUT OF THE CHAT ROOM WITHOUT WARNING.

Please be aware that new guests are entering our chat room every day and throughout a chat session. Stop what you're doing and take a few moments to "WELCOME" them and answer any questions that they may have. Remember your own "first time" in the chats?

If another chatter is harassing, bothering, or causing you problems, please tell a room moderator so they can handle it. Attempting to fight it out in the open chat room solves nothing and makes other chatters feel uneasy.


Please do not immediately ask everyone about their age/sex/location. We are a chatroom, not a dating or escort service.

No Inappropriate Names. When a moderator asks you to change your name, then do so.

If you want the on-air tunemaster to say "hello" to someone, make your request, and be patient. Do not constantly remind or ask. We feel the focus is on the music, and have certain intervals between going "live".

There is a feature which allows a user to change names without having to leave the room. If you enter as Guest, we will ask you change your name. We prefer someone to have a name other than Guest; it gets confusing if more than one Guest is present at the same time. Do not use the changing names feature to constantly change it while present in the chat room. NOTE: EVERYWHERE CHAT ALLOWS FOR NAMES TO BE REGISTERED. IF YOU CHANGE YOUR NAME, AND FIND YOURSELF KICKED OUT OF THE ROOM, IT'S BECAUSE YOU CHOSE A PREVIOUSLY REGISTERED NAME. Re-enter the room and we will assist you in a name change.

We do not prohibit the use of scripts, however, we discourage the use of them. IF you use mIRC scripts, do not use them excessively.

Do not advertise products, services or other chat rooms in our chat room. Also do not advertise RAC in other EverywhereChat or IRC rooms. Doing so could lead to complaints against RAC and get the chatter Banned from the EWC Network. Complaints could also lead to RAC being shut down by EWC.

Do not ask to be made a moderator, we have guidelines that we go by for giving someone moderator status.

Chat rooms and forums are public places. Don't discuss details you'd like to keep private, and be wary of giving out personal information- that includes your own and that of others. Remember you are legally responsible and liable for what you say.

Kicking a chatter out of the room, and/or banning someone is not something we like to do, but at times it is necessary to do so. We reserve the right to kick and/or ban anyone who does not follow our guidelines from our chat room.




Still need a Player?

Real Player runs on Win-98 or Newer Operating Systems

For Dial-Up Users, Install Real Player then Install MediaJukeBox. MJB is a Non-Video Real Player Platform.

MeadiaJukeBox runs on Win-98 or Newer Operating Systems