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Chest of Hope Prolog

The Awakening

The Great Hall remained in somber silence for centuries. Weary acceptance of their fate ruled the moments of the harbored Gods. Through the millennia, humanity had all forgotten them. No one called upon the Hall, for its counsel in times of need. No one worshiped before the many thrones, now standing tarnished and neglected.

Only four enervated travelers brought news of humankind to the Great Hall. Resembling a mausoleum for long dead beliefs, it confined the Gods to themselves in this place stagnated by time. Tragedy had befallen them on the day of betrayal. Humanity had lowered itself into the pit with this heinous deed. The world passed without the Great Halls protection, as laughter was also a dim memory.

Odin, the one-eyed Sky Father, sat with his drinking horn as he regarded the empty chairs. The massive table loomed directly under his gaze. Scarred by many celebrations of victories in its youth, the table recalled grand sagas of feats and miracles. This too, as the chairs, preyed on the old oneís mind. The all-seeing eye blinked when his ears detected the calling. His heavy heart lurched when he discovered this was not a dream from the past.

"Heimdal! Finally, a summons with tribute!
Prepare yourself for the journey my son." Odin bellowed as his voice shook the foundation of the Hall with joy.
"Tribute? What tribute?" His son asked with heavy eyes.
Opening of Odinís right hand, revealed three grains of salt.
"You call that tribute?" His son mocked with distaste.
"Aye! The tears of innocents have set the Wheel of Fate back into motion. We travel upon the wheel and walk with humankind again." Odin answered sternly from his glowing throne.
"I choose to remain." His son responded as he raised the drinking horn.
"You have no choice. The Rune is cast on the four winds." Odin commanded as he pressed the tears into his fist.

Claps of thunder, followed flashes of lightning, startling the assemblage of Gods. Power flowed over the table as the cracks and decay vanished. A drinking horn fell to the floor as its owner also faded from the Great Hall.