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Chest of Hope Ch.14

Paul and Tamry were sitting quietly on the front porch swing of the Greenwood's house. “What's wrong Paul, you haven't said more than ten words all night?” Tamry asked, as she regarded him curiously. “Sorry for being such bad company tonight. I have a lot on my mind right now.” Paul said, as he turned to her and put an arm around her shoulders. “Another girlfriend that I don't know about?” Tamry asked mockingly. “No, nothing of the kind! It's something Mister Oh said to me a while ago.” Paul stood and walked across the porch. “Did he fire you, or something?” Tamry asked, as she came to his side, and stared out into the night. “No, I didn't get fired. Hell, for a moment, I thought he was going to kill me with one of those huge hands.” Paul said, with a small laugh, that faded off and sounded hollow even to his ears. “Kill you! For what?” Tamry demanded, as nervousness crept into her speech. “Not here. You want to go for a ride?” Paul asked.

Tamry went inside to tell her mother that she'd be back later, and to get a sweater. They drove in silence out of New Hope, and Paul found himself on the road to the farm. “Why are we coming here?” Tamry asked, as they came to the crossroads by the farm. Paul shrugged his shoulders, and drove out to the lake. As they passed the field, Tamry saw the dish in the moonlight and waited until Paul stopped the car to ask him about it. “Is that a television dish, Mister Oh has back there?” Paul cut the engine and turned off the lights. Then he opened the door and walked to the water. Tamry followed, and stood beside him gazing into the still surface of the lake, studying the moon's serene reflection. “It's a solar power station, which was supposed to be placed on the moon in ten years. When we begin a colony there.” Paul said dryly. “But how did it, end up here?” Tamry asked, thinking this was what had Paul so upset. “It doesn't matter how, you know how much money he has. He can buy whatever he wants. That’s strange too, he said that he didn't need it anyway. More strange things are going on around here.” Paul replied. He strolled to the bank and picked up a couple of pebbles. He absently skipped one across the smooth surface of the lake. “So? What else is strange about a man, who carries around over two hundred pounds of gold in a beat-up suitcase.” Tamry joked, trying to lighten Paul's mood. Paul tossed another pebble into the lake and watched the ripples widen. “How old, do you think, Mister Oh is?” Paul turned and asked Tamry. “Late forties, maybe early fifties. Why?” Paul related the story, which Mister Oh had told the federal agents, then he told Tamry about today's admission. Tamry started laughing. Then stopped as she saw Paul's face. “Oh Paul, he was only pulling your leg. It was a joke!” Paul tossed his last pebble in the lake, and slowly wiped his hands on the sides of his pants, before he answered. “Mister Oh doesn't lie. He may utilize the language to serve his purpose, but he has never lied about anything.” Paul stated, flatly. “Paul, do you know what you are saying? Mister Oh would have to be over a hundred years old, if he saved that woman. Come on Paul. Have you ever seen anyone who was over ninety?” “Have you ever, seen anyone who looked like Mister Oh, at any age?” Paul retorted, mockingly. Tamry thought of all the people she had ever met, or heard of, and then smiled up at Paul, slowly shaking her head. “So what does that mean, anyway? He's here, we're here, and that's that. It's been some ride so far, let's see what happens.” She replied. “There's so much going on that doesn't make sense.” Paul said, as he noticed the moon coming out from behind a passing cloud. “I hope this will make sense to you, if you take the time to notice.” Tamry said softly.

Paul turned around, and saw that Tamry had taken off her blouse, and was now removing her camisole. “What are you doing?” Paul stammered. “I feel like swimming, what do you feel like doing?” Tamry said, slipping off her shoes, skirt, and panties. Paul watched in amazement, as she waded into the water and splashed some over her breasts. Her body glistened in the moonlight. Paul forgot all about a giant who could be his great-grandfather. “Are you going to stand there and stare all night, or are you going to get as wet as I am?” Tamry asked, with a sly look on her face. It took Paul twenty seconds to be next to her in the waist high water. The couple swam around and played in the moonlight. Tamry found herself being lifted into the air by Paul as he tossed her into deeper water. Then his arms were pulling her closer and their lips met. They swam to the far bank, where the tall grasses met the shore, and they lazed on the soft turf. Tamry was about to give into her desire, when the sound of a large splash caught their attention. “What was that?” She whispered, and both studied the darkness around the lake. “Look over there.” Paul whispered back, and pointed.

Standing, with his back to them, was the one person that they would truly recognize, day or night, Mister Odhinsunar. Tamry saw in the full moonlight, the broad shoulders with their massive muscular structure. He was standing mid-thigh in the lake. The water was around three feet in that region of the lake, Tamry believed. “What's he doing here?” She whispered. “It looks like he's doing the same thing we are, going for a swim. Besides, he owns this lake. Remember?” Paul answered quietly, as he watched Mister Oh motion with his bent right arm toward the trees next to the lake. “Who's he waving to?” Tamry asked, as she too watched his hand circle around his head. “How should I know?” Paul asked. He turned to Tamry, and saw that her gaze was fixed on the giant. The luminous light cast by the moon, caught and reflected the water droplets on his massive back.

Tamry winced and her eyes went wide. Paul turned, seeing something for a moment. It came from the trees to the bank, and then it sprang into the night air. Paul's mind first registered the form of a large cougar, a golden cougar, by what the light showed. As the form passed over the head of Mister Oh, Tamry watched in awe, as she decided the leap covered at least thirty feet in distance, and ten feet in height. The sound of the splash, brought the two to their senses. “I didn't know cougars swam.” Paul stated, as he waited to see the cat surface. “What cougar, where?” Tamry asked breathlessly. “The one that just jumped into the lake with Mister Oh. Didn't you see it?” Paul turned and stared into the puzzled face of Tamry. “You need to get yourself some glasses’ Paul. That was a naked woman that went into the lake, not a bad dive either. I give it a nine-point five.” Tamry replied, forcing her attention back to the couple. Tamry gasped, as she caught her breath and a cold chill ran over her naked body. He saw Tamry quickly blush, but she did not look away from the lake. Paul followed her gaze, and saw through the tall water grass, the full frontal view of Mister Oh's torso, from the knees up. Tamry unashamedly watched as he waded along the lake's shore. “There must be a bull that just died from envy close by.” Paul whispered, and received a strong pinch from Tamry for the remark. Paul jumped and suppressed his cry by biting his lower lip. He turned to Tamry and she was still watching the form walk through the water. The lake exploded from the side where Paul and Tamry lay. The form of a full figured woman, with long blond hair, shot up from the bottom. “There you are!” Mister Oh's voice boomed across the water as he turned. The voice of the woman caressed the ears of Paul and Tamry as she spoke in lyrical tones. “The water is fresh and clear and the depth feels cool to my body.” The woman said, as she lifted her hair above her head and turned around slowly, giving Paul and Tamry full view of her voluptuous body. As the woman finished her spin letting her hair fall, she leaned her head back, exposing her slender neck and long graceful body. Paul took a deep steadying breath and caught Tamry's hand before she could pinch him again. The musical voice floated over the moon washed water. “Shall My Lord meet me in the middle of this pond, or dost he wants to give pursuit, upon the land?” Paul and Tamry were both transfixed by the woman's voice and form when their attention was drawn by the low chuckles coming from across the lake. “My Lady still has needs of the chase, I wager. Still, no matter, the prize is still as sweet at the finish, as in the beginning.” Mister Oh said, and then launched himself in the lake. As he approached the woman, with powerful strokes and kicks that reverberated with the sounds of canon fire, the woman turned and laughed. With ease she strode out of the water and onto the bank. She stopped as she came upon the awed forms of Paul and Tamry. Mister Oh, in the next second was by her side. He lifted her effortlessly with his strong hands around her lithe waist. “My Lady does not run well, when there are no trees to hide behind.” Mister Oh said fondly. “My Lord, we have guests in the manor.” The woman said, as she viewed the young couple, and a loving smile parted her lips. “Guests?” Mister Oh said sharply, and placed the woman to the ground gently.

Paul and Tamry scrambled to their feet and the movement caught Mister Oh's gaze. “We're sorry, really sorry, Mister Oh. We thought we were alone. We didn't mean to . . . I mean we were . . . We just wanted to . . . Ah, that is . . . ?” Paul stammered. “Swim!” Tamry finished. Mister Oh shifted his gaze to Tamry, as she stood by Paul's side. She began inching her way behind him, trying to escape from her embarrassment. “Did you find the water refreshing?” Mister Oh asked, in a monotone placing his large hands on his hips. “Oh, quite refreshing Mister Oh. Didn't we?” Paul answered, and turned to Tamry. He noticed that she was completely behind him at that point. “Are you not comfortable in this evening's warmth?” Mister Oh continued. “Yes, it is quite warm indeed.” Paul replied, feeling like he was talking with his father. Instead, he was standing there, naked in front of a woman that had to be at least six and a half foot tall, with a smile on her face as her eyes viewed his entire body. “Is the ground soft here, to lay upon?” Mister Oh asked, as he gestured to the lake front. “Yes sir, more than comfortable, to lie on.” Paul parroted, as he looked down blankly. “Mistress Greenwood, do you also find things pleasing here, as your suitor states?” Mister Oh asked, and Paul stepped to one side. Tamry reached out for Paul, but was too slow to catch his arm. She then covered her breasts with one hand and her womanhood with her other. “Please answer Mister Oh, Tamry.” Paul's statement came out more as a plea. “Yes Mister Odhinsunar. It's a very beautiful setting in the moonlight.” Tamry answered, as she tried to keep her eyes fixed somewhere in the vicinity of the giants face. Mister Oh studied the ground that they stood upon, and the flattened area where the two would be lovers had been. “Are you thirsty?” Mister Oh asked, when he returned his attention to the couple, standing dumbfounded before him. “I certainly need a drink right now.” Paul stated, in heartfelt tones. “Good. So, do we.” Mister Oh said, as he turned and called out, “Longing Horn, Swiften Hoof!”

The two rams appeared on the far shoreline, racing toward the group at full charge. When they arrived, deciding which had won the sprint was hard for anyone. From their sides, hung cloth sacks, tied around their midsection. Paul thought of saddlebags, in an old western movie. “I think we should go.” Tamry whispered, uneasily to Paul. He noticed her concern, and placed an arm around her, to give some measure of comfort and support for this strange predicament that they now found themselves in. “It's okay. I think he wants to make this as painless as possible.” Paul bent and whispered. As Paul straightened, he saw Mister Oh take two large jugs from one of the rams’ sacks. “I hope this will find favor on your pallets.” Mister Oh said, as he stood with a jug in each hand. “May I present to you, Lady Sif, my consort.” Mister Oh took the hand of the woman and placed it in front of Paul. Paul took her hand, and as if being at a crowded social affair, bowed at the waist and kissed it. The warmth of the woman shot throughout Paul's body and as he arose he gazed into her deep knowing eyes. “I'm charmed to make your acquaintance.” Paul replied, wondering where the hell that came from. “This fine youth is my counselor Paul Hart Jr. This lovely young woman, is his intended, Mistress Tamry Greenwood.” “I can see, that you are indeed charmed, Paul. I can also see, that you travel, with beauty at your side.” Lady Sif announced, as her gaze traveled from Paul to Tamry. The woman moved toward Tamry and softly caressed her cheek with a hand. Then she held Tamry’s chin for a moment as she searched her eyes. Tamry had never felt this type of touch before, it filled her with warmth and gave her a feeling of complete comfort. The woman held her gaze as a loving mother would look upon her child. Tamry's arms fell to her sides and remained as the woman released her chin. “Thank you for being so kind. I think Paul and I have to go now.” Tamry spoke very softly, trying to look away from the tall woman's eyes, and failed. “Why leave? We have drink, bread, and cheese. The evening is warm and the lake is clear and refreshing.” Mister Oh spoke, and Tamry could not shift her attention. “But! Our clothes are on the other side.” Tamry gestured with her hand. “Do you believe there are robbers about tonight?” Mister Oh asked, as he turned to scan the area across the lake. “No, but we are not dressed for . . .” Tamry's protest faded, as she saw Mister Oh’s smiling face appear before her. “Then let us call this an informal gathering. We will eat and drink and make merry under the heavens.” Mister Oh replied, as he handed Paul a jug.

Paul watched as the Lady Sif untied the other ram's sack and produced two large loaves of brown bread and a wheel of cheese. This she brought to the group, and sat on the soft grass. As she laid the bread and cheese on a wrapping cloth, she took Paul's free hand and pulled him down to sit next to her. Mister Oh placed the jug on the ground and sat to face the pair. He then took Tamry's small hand in his large one and gestured with his other for her to sit. “Please join us and be welcome.” Mister Oh mused, with his blue eyes twinkling. The feeling of electricity rushed through her body at the touch of his hand, and Tamry almost fainted. Then the feeling changed and her body felt as though it was going to explode with passion. Tamry felt her breasts heave and her nipples become hard. She felt that she had been standing there for days, but her mind told her it had been merely seconds, as she knelt toward the cool soft grass. “I think our guests need a drink, Thorran.” Lady Sif said, as Tamry opened her eyes and nodded in agreement. The earthen jug was too large and heavy for Tamry to manage, but with one hand, Mister Oh tilted it so she could drink. The liquid flowed into Tamry's mouth and throat quickly and the taste of honeyed wine filled her senses. As she stopped, Mister Oh took a large drink from the jug and Tamry glanced toward Paul as he too was finishing his drink. Lady Sif also drank while using only one arm, and Tamry could then see the muscles that adorned this statuesque female. Tamry also became aware of the drink she had just taken. It passed over her in waves, not a hard potent feeling. It was more like a rosy glow that produced streams of heat radiating to all parts of her body. The bread was broken into manageable pieces, as was the cheese. They ate in silence and the jugs were presented, again. This time as the sweet taste of honey and wine flowed down her throat, Tamry felt herself becoming very relaxed in the company. “This is not the same drink you served at the Saturday party?” Paul questioned, as Lady Sif placed the jug down after her taste. “No, Paul. This nectar was brought by the Lady, for a special occasion. The truth is, it’s a lover’s potion. It will make the spirit and flesh one in the same. One could probably enjoy pleasure for hours without fear or failure.” Mister Oh answered, and reached to the Lady. Their hands touched and Tamry believed that she saw sparks ignite on contact. The Lady smiled at her, and placed her arm around Paul's shoulder. Tamry saw Paul's wince at the touch, as he started to breathe faster. Mister Oh also placed his huge free hand around Tamry’s waist, and she too, felt the mild shock that covered her body. Within seconds, she felt herself growing warmer with passion. When her eyes opened, she saw that the same effect was happening to Paul. She let her gaze travel over Paul's body, as she saw his chest rising and falling in deep breaths. Then she noticed his manhood as it protruded upward from his outstretched legs. She was sure, the moon, or the drink, was playing tricks on her eyes. She had never observed Paul to be this large during their love making. Paul was being held in place by the touch of the Lady's hand, as she rubbed his side and back. He could see Tamry in front of him but could not utter a single word. He saw that she too, was under the spell of Mister Oh's caressing hand, across the small of her back, and her side. Her breasts quivered with each spasm of breath she gulped and exhaled. Paul then noticed the Lady's other hand coming close to his chest, but was unable to stop it. Nor did he want to. As her fingers touched his flesh, he trembled and closed his eyes, while swooning with pleasure. He heard Tamry's sighs of pleasure, also, and he turned his focused gaze toward her. Mister Oh eased her down onto her back and was caressing her body softly with one of his massive hands, while his other arm cushioned her head. Paul saw Tamry's body rise to the touch, as it slowly went over her breast and down her stomach. Paul's eyes closed again, when his own body grew tense with the Lady's touch of his erect manhood. “I think they are ready now. We should let this take its own course.” The voice of the Lady said softly. Tamry was helped to sit up by Mister Oh, as Paul came to her. Mister Oh arose with Lady Sif by his side. “We too have some things to take care of now. Enjoy your pleasures.” Mister Oh said. Tamry's eyes were open and she saw the giant's manhood before her. She corrected Paul's statement in her mind, Make than two dead bulls. Then she felt Paul's kiss on her inflamed neck, and her passion made her eyes close again. The young lovers enjoyed their pleasure, for the next two hours in the luscious grass. At one point after Paul stopped, and asked if Tamry would care to cool down a little. As they swam, they heard the sounds of love making a short distance away. “We should turn back.” Paul whispered. “Not yet.” Came the quick reply, as Tamry swam forward. They came closer to the bank, parted the grasses, and saw, under the moonlight, the Lady Sif riding her stallion wildly. Her hair flew around her head as she undulated atop her lover. Tamry now knew what kind of woman could handle this man, and she started to swim backward. Then she noticed Paul standing in the water, with his eyes fixed on the seen in front of him. “Paul, we've got to go now.” She said quietly to him, and started to pull him back. As her hand found, his leg, she raised for a better grip. She found Paul's manhood as stiff as before, and throbbing with his heat and desire. “I think. I need another drink.” Paul said, admiring Tamry's glistening body, as the moonlight made her supple skin glow softly. “They have both jugs with them. Do you want to disturb them? Now?” She replied, and left her hand where it was, tightly griping Paul's hard staff. “In a minute, I hope.” Paul said, as he stared again to the coupling taking place on the ground.

Tamry watched also, and was again being aroused by the passion she was hearing. The Lady emitted a cry that swept over them. She collapsed against her giant's chest breathing deeply, as her lover's passions crested and he too found his release. The pair slowly untangled, and he rose helping the Lady gracefully to her feet. Retrieving the jug, he drank deeply, and then offered it to his Lady, who also drank as deeply. “Excuse us again, but is there any left?” Paul asked solemnly. Tamry released her grip as Paul waded forward. Tamry followed behind as Mister Oh and the Lady Sif brought a jug to the water's edge. “How is the water young Paul?” The Lady asked, as the jug was being passed. “Just great Lady Sif.” Paul answered, and took a long drink. “Would you also care to quench your thirst as well Mistress?” Mister Oh asked. Tamry heard herself answer, a bit too quickly, “Oh, yes. I am very thirsty.” “Come, join me then.” Mister Oh said, as he entered the water and waded out, holding the jug for Tamry to follow. “You must swim with me, young Paul.” The Lady said, as her hand found Paul's back and they walked deeper into the water together. Paul felt as a child under this woman's touch, and he walked out toward Tamry and Mister Oh. Tamry had begun to swim to Mister Oh, as the depth of the water had become too deep for her to stand. When she was within reach of his out stretched hand, she was pulled to his side and she rested her feet on his thigh. Mister Oh held the jug to her lips as she drank, until her lungs hurt for the lack of air. “My, you do have a great thirst.” Mister Oh said, with a chuckle. Tamry blushed then, and turned to see Paul taking another long drink from the Lady's jug. “Come now, let us swim. Will that displease you, Mistress Greenwood?” The Lady spoke to the couple, and took the other jug as she turned heading for the shore. Tamry was being held in place by Mister Oh's large hand. Her feet were firmly set upon his leg, but she still felt that she was swaying in a gentle breeze that rocked her body. “No, it does not displease me. Paul loves to swim.” Tamry called out. The Lady reentered the lake and came up to Mister Oh. She placed a kiss on his lips, and then kissed Tamry's forehead. Tamry felt the heat go directly to her brain from the kiss, and her arms encircled as much of the woman as she could. The hand from her waist released her and the Lady drew Tamry close into an embrace. Tamry's head spun wildly with all the feelings that were coming and going, while they held each other. Then the hand was replaced and the embrace faded slowly, as Tamry looked into the Lady's eyes. “Loving and caring was, is now, and always will be about you.” Sif said softly, and moved away. Paul was standing, waiting for the Lady's approach. As she moved next to him, she dove into the lake. Paul smiled back at Tamry. He started to swim after the woman, who was skillfully putting distance between them. Tamry watched as Paul tried to catch up, and she let out a small laugh. “He can't catch her. She’s too fast for him.” She said, as she turned to Mister Oh. “What did she mean?” “Oh, he'll catch her, when she wants to be caught.” He replied, as he viewed the race. “What about you, my dear? Do you run, or are you caught already?” His eyes bore into hers, with his question. “I didn't know I was in the race tonight. What is the prize for the winner?” Tamry replied sheepishly, but with a smile on her lips. “In the race I speak of, no losers ever enter.” Mister Oh said softly, and caressed her side. “Well then, where is the winner’s circle?” Tamry asked, as the passion of her body went almost to overload. “Anywhere you choose, and for as long as you want.” Mister Oh said, as he raised her side and cradled her in the bend of his arm. Tamry laughed out loud and looked around the lake. From her perch, she saw Paul and the Lady on the shore. She saw the Lady caress Paul's body, as she kissed him, and they knelt down together. Her view was changed as Mister Oh walked onto the bank, and brought her down from his arm. She was laid upon the fresh grass, as Mister Oh lowered himself down. Tamry closed her eyes and let her mind go blank, as his hands moved over her body. Her passions grew at a startling rate, as she was brought to pleasure, by the merest touch. At one point, she wondered if Paul was enjoying his encounter as much as she was, and another spasm washed the thought from her mind. Suddenly, she had the urge to touch this man that was giving her so much pleasure. She took hold of the hands on her body and sat gazing into the deep blue eyes. She started letting her fingers follow the lines of muscles on his chest. He pulled her to his side and put one arm under her head. He lazily rubbed her back, while his other hand lay by his side, granting Tamry full access to his massive body. She stroked his chest and then his stomach. She had to rise slightly to adjust her position, and found herself knelling next to his massive side, as she caressed his torso. Tamry heard Paul's voice from over the water, and she knew the familiar sound to be his groan of released pleasure. She smiled and crawled over the large leg that was next to her. Her hands found the massive scepter, and her eyes beheld it. “I think I've entered a race, too big for me to finish.” She said in low tones, as she tried to encircle his member with her small hand. Thorran's words drifted down to her, “Why not go on to the finish line, before you lose hope?” Tamry was consumed with her passion, and her body was on fire with desire. Standing above the man, she lowered her body onto his inflamed manhood. To Tamry's disbelief, his member penetrated her with ease. She felt it probe its way, as she slowly descended. Her own fluids were in great amounts, as she raised again. Bending to her knees, Thorran's hands caught her sides and she fell forward toward his chest. She was lost in passion, and she enjoyed the pleasures she found there. She knew that the potion had made it possible. Such a thing without it, would have surely killed her from the start. When the release of pleasure came from within her, she felt the exquisite rush of Thorran's own release. Tamry felt the rush of fluid fill her entire body and she quivered upon his manhood for what seemed to be forever. Then she collapsed onto his chest. As she became aware again, she felt a hand massaging her back and buttocks.

She heard Paul's voice as it seemed to come from a great distance and took a moment to work through the bliss. “You look very happy and satisfied.” “I had the most wonderful dream.” She said, as a smile appeared on her lips. “I don't think Mister Oh likes for his lovers to fall asleep on him very much.” Paul said, with a grin. Tamry heard the words, but it took a moment for them to get through. She slowly opened her eyes. It was then, that she realized, she was laying on a broad chest, feeling the heat of flesh she found herself on. “I need some help and don’t think my legs will hold me.” Tamry replied, as she laid her head back on the strong chest. She felt two soft hands come underneath her tender breasts, as they lifted her from Thorran's attachment. She felt the still hardness of him being withdrawn. Arms were wrapped around her in a comforting embrace, as her feet left the ground. A very soft warm body held her, and then walked with her toward the water. As the water bathed over her body, Paul was again in front of her. “Take good care of her, Paul.” Lady Sif said, as she released Tamry into Paul's waiting arms. “I will do that forever.” Paul said, and then found Tamry's lips with his own. Tamry turned her head, to see the woman return to Mister Oh. She watched her lower herself onto him and begin to make passionate love. Paul lifted Tamry into his arms and carried her back to the other bank. He laid her gently on the ground and knelt beside her. “How do you feel?” Tamry purred. “Like I have just visited wonderland, through the looking glass, and have been dreaming.” Paul replied, and kissed her deeply. “Would you like to dream some more?” He asked, when their kiss ended. “Yes, but only with you.” Tamry answered. “You're always in my dreams.” Paul said, as he pressed his hips against hers, to show that he was again ready. They made love slowly, and completely savored the feelings of the other, as they rose to dizzying heights exploding into oneness and slowly coming to earth again. As the moon was fading, they closed their eyes and held each other for the few final moments that the magical night had left to offer the lovers.