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The Ghost Ship
S.O.G. 3

This Boat and her crew never existed. It never ran Drugs-Guns-Contraband-Medical Supplies or aided in the recovery of any downed Flyers or returning Grunts from the Bush. It never crossed Borders in pursuit of Enemies of the State or Indo-Pirates after their raids on friendlies. Her men never transported women from place to place for the Fun & Profit of others. It was never painted 'Matte-Black' at Cam Ranh Bay nor did it have Quad-50s mounted on her stern. No super-powered engines were ever placed in her as a test platform and no radar system/radio jammers were ever used to confuse the other guys in the Delta of South VietNam. All Files, Records, Documents backing this DisClaimer attest to this fact because they also never existed nor were ever found by either side after the conflict ended. Any knowledge of the operations of The Ghost Ship are merely the Acts of Fantasy amid the reporters. As far as the Government is concerned, this action and craft never happened, along with the years of 68-72. A Black Hole appeared and sucked the seconds, minutes, hours, days and years from this world in a blink of an Eye. It was all a 'Dream' that has become nicely tucked away to flourish into those nightsweats and screams in the early hours before the light of day.


Ever wonder of where the 'Middle of No-Where' was Located?

LEFT at New Mexico?"

Just follow the Coconut Crabs

Ever wonder who lives there?

We're going to need a Bigger Pot

Ever wonder what happens to those that Visit?

UFO's ??? What UFO's ???

Ohhhh! Those UFO's