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Pirates First Mate: The Parrot

Behind every Good Man, as the saying goes. Some men need for things to inspire greatness. Great things come to some men of inspiration. My wife has been both to this Ole Pirate. Married on All Hallows Eve 1991, amid a gathering of Pagan friends, the celibration lasted three days. We have traveled together acrossed the U.S. with only a star to guide our hearts. Her interests include anything with the usage of Needle and Thread. Cross Stitching & Quilting, with designs of her own, keeps her occupied while I'm deep in constructing the Novels. On certain days we have found the weather a factor against both our needs and wants. Those days test our 'Metal' and we discover that being together 24-7-365 can be strained. However, there has been no one else that I'd want to be with along the roads of life and love. This vehicle has traveled those roads and presented us with many memories and happiness. Everything that is truly of value can be placed in one small box.

"Are you sure this is the way to the Camp Ground?"

Home Sweet Home

From 1992 till 1998 this was our home across the U.S. No water, electricity, internet, television, microwave, carpets, dishwashers. Life was raw and a great challenge that forged a better understanding for each others wants and needs. Those things continue on today as we plan for fun under the Sun and Moon holding each other deep within our knowledge that we can survive together in the Bad times as well as Good. Living on the beach during Hurricane season keeps the challenge alive and well. Before you know, you meet a Gal named "Katrina" and awake in a Corn Field in Iowa.

Changes in Attitude Changes in Lattitude

The Rum is free and the Spirits friendly. Many Ports of Call have granted this Vitke a Treasure Chest of Ideas and Helpful Hints with everything from Computers to Auto repair. One Particular Harbor, in my travels over the seas of CyberSpace, can be found at RAC

Sailor, Searcher, Writer, Wanderer, Pirate,

Yes, you will find Jokers, Jesters and Pranksters. You might encounter the Scurvy Dogs that snap at your heels. Pay these types as much attention as you feel nesessary. If you need to unfurl your colors to fight, use the best weapons for the curs. Scholars have found no need for curses or slanders to attack with wisdom. One well placed word will sink most shallow minds better then a broadside.

"PlayTime in the Parks"

"Viking Hammered"
Cutting ReMarks ? ? ?
Dragon's Tooth Pick
"Yeah, just another day in Paradise"